July 17, 2018


In a new video series launched by The Wire, in collaboration with Indo-Pak Conflict Monitor, Dr Happymon Jacob unpacks key themes relating to India's national security with senior well-known experts from India and around the world. National Security Conversations with Happymon Jacob emphasises on accurate information, in-depth analysis and informed opinion.

National Security Conversations Ep. 12 - Iran Sanctions: PM Modi Needs to Draw a Red Line in Indo-US Relations
14 July 2018

Happymon Jacob talks to K. C. Singh, former Indian Ambassador to Iran, about India’s decision to reduce oil imports from Iran under US pressure, Trump’s impact on the global political order and how PM Modi’s foreign policy of ‘running with the hares and hunting with the hounds’ is misdirected.

National Security Conversations Ep. 11 - Surgical Strikes: Tactical Success, Strategic Failure.
07 July 2018

Dr. Happymon Jacob talks to Lt. Gen. H. S. Panag (retd.) on the ongoing counter-insurgency operations in J&K, politicisation of the armed forces, and the surgical strike of September 2016.

National Security Conversations Ep 10 Has PM Modi’s foreign policy been an unmitigated disaster?
30 June 2018

In the tenth episode of National Security Conversations, Dr. Happymon Jacob discusses with Mr. Manish Tewari the successes and failures of PM Modi’s foreign policy, deteriorating neighbourhood relations and future steps that India must take to regain trust in the region and balance China.

National Security Conversations Ep. 9 - Has India’s Afghanistan Policy Served Us Well?
22 June 2018

Happymon Jacob speaks to Vivek Katju, former Indian ambassador to Afghanistan, on India’s Afghanistan policy, Taliban’s increasing influence, Pakistan’s efforts to influence Afghan policy towards India and joint efforts by India and China to stabilise the region.

National Security Conversations Ep. 8 - Have nuclear weapons made India more secure?
16 June 2018

Happymon Jacob interviews Dr Manpreet Sethi, one of India's leading expert on Nuclear strategy and discusses India's Nuclear Policy.

National Security Conversations, Ep 7: Is India Losing Kashmir?
9 June 2018

Happymon Jacob interviews former J&K CM Farooq Abdullah about the unrest in Kashmir and what needs to be done in order to bring normalcy and peace to the valley.

Does the Absence of Defense Reforms Endanger India’s National Security?
3 June 2018

Happymon Jacob interviews Admiral Arun Prakash, former chief of the Indian Navy, about India's defence preparedness. Click here to support The Wire: https://yt.orcsnet.com/#the-wire

What Was the Purpose of Modi's Informal Summit With Putin?
26 May 2018

In the latest episode of 'National Security Conversations', Happymon Jacob speaks to Anuradha M Chenoy, former Professor at the Centre for Russian & Central Asian Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, about the informal summit between Indian PM Modi and Russian President Putin in Sochi, Russia.

National Security Conversation, Ep 4: Indo-US Ties and Korean Rapprochement
19 May 2018

Happymon Jacob speaks to Sumit Ganguly, Professor at Indiana University, about the Trump presidency, Korean rapprochement and Indo-US ties under the shadow of China. Click here to support The Wire: https://yt.orcsnet.com/#the-wire

National Security Conversations Episode 3: The PDP-BJP Alliance in J&K Is a Total Disaster: Former RAW Chief A.S. Dulat
13 May 2018

Amarjit Singh Dulat, former chief of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), talks about the political and security situation in Kashmir in the third episode of 'National Security Conversations with Happymon Jacob'.

National Security Conversations Episode 2: Ceasefire Violations Along the LoC - with Syed Ata Hasnain, Retd. Lieutenant General in the Indian army.
6 May 2018

Happymon Jacob, associate professor at JNU, discusses ceasefire violations along the Line of Control (LoC) with Syed Ata Hasnain, Retd. Lieutenant General in the Indian army.

National Security Conversations, Episode 1: India-China Informal Summit at Wuhan - with Alka Acharya, Professor of Chinese Studies at JNU
30 April 2018

Happymon Jacob, associate professor at JNU, discusses the recently concluded 'informal' summit meeting between PM Modi and Chinese president Xi Jinping with Alka Acharya, professor of Chinese Studies at the Jawaharlal Nehru University.

National Security Conversations: Promo

National Security Conversations with Happymon Jacob' is an upcoming fortnightly series on The Wire that will discuss critical issues relating to India's national security.