May 25, 2022


In a new video series launched by The Wire, in collaboration with Indo-Pak Conflict Monitor, Dr Happymon Jacob unpacks key themes relating to India's national security with senior well-known experts from India and around the world. National Security Conversations with Happymon Jacob emphasises on accurate information, in-depth analysis and informed opinion.

National Security Conversations - Ep 29 Does Track Two Diplomacy Work?
24 November 2018

Happymon Jacob talks to Professor Peter Jones (Associate Professor, Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa) about the theory and practice of track two diplomacy. This is a master class on track two diplomacy as professor Jones discusses its necessity, the problems with the processes, reluctance of state governments to participate, the successes and failures so far and the credible impact that many track twos have had in conflict situations.

National Security Conversations - Ep 28 Has India Completed Its Nuclear Triad With INS Arihant?
17 November 2018

Happymon Jacob talks to Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha (former chief of Integrated Defence Staff, member of Defence Acquisition Council between 2010 to 2012 and commander-in-chief of the Western Naval Command) about INS Arihant’s contribution to completing India’s nuclear triad, the robustness of India’s sea-based nuclear deterrence, nuclear command and control issues, and growing maritime capabilities in Indian Ocean region.

National Security Conversations - Ep 27 Making sense of Pakistan: A conversation with Prof. Farzana Shaikh
10 November 2018

Happymon Jacob talks to professor Farzana Shaikh (associate fellow of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London) about Imran Khan’s ascension to prime ministership, his domestic and foreign policy, the role of Islam in Pakistan’s democratic set up, role of Pakistan’s military in its relations with India and what CPEC means for Pakistan. Dr Shaikh is the author of Community and Consensus in Islam (1989, 2012) and Making Sense of Pakistan (2009, 2018).

National Security Conversations - Ep 26 Has India’s Defensive Strategic Posture Served it Well?
28 October 2018

Dr. Happymon Jacob in conversation with Professor Rajesh Rajagopalan on India’s strategic posture. Rajagopalan argues that India should shed its concerns about escalation and adopt a proactive military strategy towards Pakistan. The discussion brings out Rajagopalan’s realistic perspective on India’s national security.

National Security Conversations - Ep 25 Internal Challenges to India's National Security
20 October 2018

Happymon Jacob speaks with Yamini Aiyar, president and chief executive of Centre for Policy Research, about the implications of governance and development on national security. The discussion attempts at understanding the meaning of national security to include internal security challenges. Has the Indian state adequately prioritised domestic security issues? Has the strategy of securitisation and militarisation in disturbed areas served the state well?

National Security Conversations - Ep 24 What’s wrong with Modi government’s defence policy?
13 October 2018

Happymon Jacob talks to Pravin Sawhney (Founding editor FORCE magazine) about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s defence policy, need for understanding the real threat from China, future of warfare and India’s unpreparedness for the same.

National Security Conversations - Ep 23 -Why Have India-Pakistan Bilateral Relations Taken a Negative Turn?
6 October 2018

Happymon Jacob talks to Amb. Aziz Ahmed Khan (Pakistan's High Commissioner to India from June 2003 to September 2006) and seasoned Indian diplomat Amb. K. C. Singh, to understand why India-Pakistan bilateral relations have taken a negative turn. The conversation veers into possibilities of redirecting the bilateral relationship towards peaceful coexistence and what each country will have to do to achieve this end.

National Security Conversations - Ep 22 - Should There Be Trade Between India and Pakistan?
29 September 2018

Happymon Jacob speaks to Prof. Nisha Taneja (Professor, Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations) about the issues of formal and informal trade between India and Pakistan. The conversation further examines the impact of joint business forums and lobbies on trade; the potential of e-commerce and connectivity projects and major policy changes that need to be implemented by both countries to improve trade.

Here’s Why the India-Pak Foreign Ministers' Meeting Was Cancelled
28 September 2018

India's decision to cancel the Foreign Minister level talks on the sidelines of UNGA in New York has raised a number of questions. Happymon Jacob tries to understand the reasons behind this decision and its impact on India-Pak ties.

National Security Conversations - Ep 21 State of India’s National Security
22 September 2018

Dr. Happymon Jacob talks to Amb. Shiv Shankar Menon about the state of India’s national security. The conversations delves into contemporary challenges that India faces, the meaning of security and the goals of the national security apparatus. Dr. Jacob and Amb. Menon also discuss India’s relations with its neighbours and what India must do to continue its rise along with China.

National Security Conversations Ep 20- How India Manages Its National Security
8 September 2018

Happymon Jacob talks to Dr Arvind Gupta about India’s national security institutions, overlap in their mandates, issues in the coordination of their activities, importance of the National Security Council and its role in formulating India’s grand strategy.

National Security Conversations Ep 19- One Year of Donald Trump's New South Asia Policy
26 August 2018

Happymon Jacob discusses the performance and implications of Washington's South Asia Policy 2017 with Bharath Gopalaswamy, director, South Asia Center at the Atlantic Council.

National Security Conversations Ep 18- Rafale Deal: Understanding the Controversy
23 August 2018

Happymon Jacob discusses the controversy surrounding the BJP-led government’s decision to buy 36 Rafale fighter jets from France with senior journalists Ajai Shukla and M.K. Venu.

National Security Conversations Ep 17- Making sense of India's military doctrines
18 August 2018

Dr Happymon Jacob speaks with Col (Retd) Ali Ahmed about doctrinal thinking in the Indian armed forces and the need to devise a comprehensive national security strategy.

National Security Conversations Ep 16- Does the Indian Military Have Adequate Level of Jointmanship?
11 August 2018

Happymon Jacob talks to Air Vice Marshal (retd.) Arjun Subramaniam about the problems of jointness in the Indian military.

National Security Conversations Ep. 15- India and the Global Nuclear Order
4 August 2018

Happymon Jacob talks to former ambassador Rakesh Sood about the state of play on the global nuclear non-proliferation regime, the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and India’s place in the global nuclear order. Rakesh Sood was India's first permanent representative to the conference on disarmament at the United Nations in Geneva and special envoy of the Prime Minister for disarmament and non-proliferation Issues (2013 to 2014).

National Security Conversations Ep. 14- 'Prime Minister Imran Khan': Implications for India.
27 July 2018

Happymon Jacob discusses the result of general elections in Pakistan with Dr. Ashok K.Behuria. He is a close observer of developments in South Asia and has been awarded the prestigious K Subrahmanyam Award for excellence in strategic studies for his work on Pakistan in 2009. The conversation revolves around the impact of a new govt. in Pakistan on its domestic and foreign policy.

National Security Conversations Ep. 13 -Indo-US Relations: Navigating Challenges
21 July 2018

Dr Happymon Jacob in conversation with Amb Meera Shankar, former Indian ambassador to the US, about the challenges and opportunities facing the India-US strategic partnership, the upcoming 2+2 dialogue and managing strategic relationships with other major players, particularly in Asia.

National Security Conversations Ep. 12 - Iran Sanctions: PM Modi Needs to Draw a Red Line in Indo-US Relations
14 July 2018

Happymon Jacob talks to K. C. Singh, former Indian Ambassador to Iran, about India’s decision to reduce oil imports from Iran under US pressure, Trump’s impact on the global political order and how PM Modi’s foreign policy of ‘running with the hares and hunting with the hounds’ is misdirected.

National Security Conversations Ep. 11 - Surgical Strikes: Tactical Success, Strategic Failure.
07 July 2018

Dr. Happymon Jacob talks to Lt. Gen. H. S. Panag (retd.) on the ongoing counter-insurgency operations in J&K, politicisation of the armed forces, and the surgical strike of September 2016.

National Security Conversations Ep 10 Has PM Modi’s foreign policy been an unmitigated disaster?
30 June 2018

In the tenth episode of National Security Conversations, Dr. Happymon Jacob discusses with Mr. Manish Tewari the successes and failures of PM Modi’s foreign policy, deteriorating neighbourhood relations and future steps that India must take to regain trust in the region and balance China.

National Security Conversations Ep. 9 - Has India’s Afghanistan Policy Served Us Well?
22 June 2018

Happymon Jacob speaks to Vivek Katju, former Indian ambassador to Afghanistan, on India’s Afghanistan policy, Taliban’s increasing influence, Pakistan’s efforts to influence Afghan policy towards India and joint efforts by India and China to stabilise the region.

National Security Conversations Ep. 8 - Have nuclear weapons made India more secure?
16 June 2018

Happymon Jacob interviews Dr Manpreet Sethi, one of India's leading expert on Nuclear strategy and discusses India's Nuclear Policy.

National Security Conversations, Ep 7: Is India Losing Kashmir?
9 June 2018

Happymon Jacob interviews former J&K CM Farooq Abdullah about the unrest in Kashmir and what needs to be done in order to bring normalcy and peace to the valley.

Does the Absence of Defense Reforms Endanger India’s National Security?
3 June 2018

Happymon Jacob interviews Admiral Arun Prakash, former chief of the Indian Navy, about India's defence preparedness. Click here to support The Wire:

What Was the Purpose of Modi's Informal Summit With Putin?
26 May 2018

In the latest episode of 'National Security Conversations', Happymon Jacob speaks to Anuradha M Chenoy, former Professor at the Centre for Russian & Central Asian Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, about the informal summit between Indian PM Modi and Russian President Putin in Sochi, Russia.

National Security Conversation, Ep 4: Indo-US Ties and Korean Rapprochement
19 May 2018

Happymon Jacob speaks to Sumit Ganguly, Professor at Indiana University, about the Trump presidency, Korean rapprochement and Indo-US ties under the shadow of China. Click here to support The Wire:

National Security Conversations Episode 3: The PDP-BJP Alliance in J&K Is a Total Disaster: Former RAW Chief A.S. Dulat
13 May 2018

Amarjit Singh Dulat, former chief of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), talks about the political and security situation in Kashmir in the third episode of 'National Security Conversations with Happymon Jacob'.

National Security Conversations Episode 2: Ceasefire Violations Along the LoC - with Syed Ata Hasnain, Retd. Lieutenant General in the Indian army.
6 May 2018

Happymon Jacob, associate professor at JNU, discusses ceasefire violations along the Line of Control (LoC) with Syed Ata Hasnain, Retd. Lieutenant General in the Indian army.

National Security Conversations, Episode 1: India-China Informal Summit at Wuhan - with Alka Acharya, Professor of Chinese Studies at JNU
30 April 2018

Happymon Jacob, associate professor at JNU, discusses the recently concluded 'informal' summit meeting between PM Modi and Chinese president Xi Jinping with Alka Acharya, professor of Chinese Studies at the Jawaharlal Nehru University.

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