July 6, 2022

Oral History

The project has painstakingly put together a great deal of oral historywhich has been collected through in-depth interviews and interactions with a variety of stakeholders in India and Pakistan. The focal group has been retired and serving officers from the Indian and Pakistani Armi and the border security forces (Border Security Force (BSF)and Pakistan Rangers).

We have particularly focused on those officers who have served/are currently serving on the LoC and IB/WB. Visits to the villages/sectors close to the LoC and IB/WB are regularly undertaken in order to assess and understand the frequency and intensity of the firing, and to assess the damage caused by it. Interviews with officials (retired and serving) at the Ministries of Defence and Home Affairs/Interior Affairswere also conducted.

The project has presently documented close to 100 interviews over the past 2 years. Following is or a list of interviews conducted so far. This is an ongoing process – we would be reaching out to several more serving and retired officersfor interviews/interaction to enrich our understanding of the Indo-Pak conflict.

Interviews Conducted